Business Participation

Who Can Participate?

This event is geared towards Clearview Township businesses with storefronts that are located across Clearview. 

What Is the Goal of The Event?

The goal of the Business Crawl is to promote the local businesses that are not easily seen or noticed. We want to draw people into businesses that they may not have visited in the past, or may not have even known about, and to show local residents what Clearview has to offer when they shop locally.

Who Covers the Expenses?

The $1,000 Grand Prize money will be generated from the entrance fee of each businesses participating in the event.  The Title Sponsor, or Co-Sponsors, of the event, will cover the cost of printing of all of the event materials (posters and passports) as well as the cost of any print advertisements and event signage.

The Clearview Chamber of Commerce and are excited to put on this new event to draw attention, and shoppers, to  Clearview Township at large.
For more information, questions or concerns, please contact Cayleigh Jago at or Kelly Kramer at